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Everything changes when you come to Calvary.

It was at Calvary where our lives were affected and changed. Now we want to use all our talents, giftings, and abilities to impact more lives for Christ in every way we can. Out of this has come Calvary Hill Kennels, a means to point people to Calvary and at the same time provide high quality, family, fun-loving, life long canine companions.

The love for shorthairs began early on in life. As a young man growing up in Northeastern Nebraska, my grandfather would take me hunting with his three GSP's (Rowdy, Duke, and Dutch). As a young boy there was nothing more exciting and fun than to chase around ringnecks and quail behind those wonderful dogs. My love for the breed never perished and when the discussion was brought up with my wife about us getting our first dog, I made my arguments for a shorthair. 

Well, I was able to get a shorthair (Rowdy), which satisfied my desire and need for a new hunting companion, but my wife seemed to feel left out. She wasn't as interested in a hunting companion as much as she just wanted a friendly, loyal dog to love. The Berner is a fun-loving, compassionate, laid-back, and friendly breed which fit my wife and family perfectly. Our next dog came in the form of a Bernese Mountain Dog named Russell. 

With an additional Bernese and Shorthair added to the family, Calvary Hill Kennels was created and the rest is now history. 

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